Alex K
St. Louis, MO
"This was a last minute custom order, as my priest is leaving at the end of the month. Not only did the shop meet my expectations, things fell in place to where I got the rosary earlier than predicted. I am so happy with this, it feels perfect. I know people joke about divine timing but that's the phrase that comes to mind when referring to the journey of getting this. Just as the store owner felt like it was a privilege to make this for me, I also feel privileged that I was able to get it from her. I had a St. Brigid's cross added in place of a crucifix, and it all fits together so perfectly. The contrast of the silver with the Canadian jade makes everything stand out in such a loving way that its hard not to look. Showed the rosary to one of my friend, and she fell in love with it too! Thank you so much Donna! 🫂🫂"

My Rosary: Customized St. Patrick & St. Brigid Celtic Rosary

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