About DeAndrea Rosaries

It all comes from a family tradition. I grew up in a Catholic, Italian, and Irish family – in that order!

Now, I pray the Rosary every morning and keep stacks of names nearby so that I can pray for the many people that have come into my life over the years – and sadly, those who have left it.

DeAndrea Rosaries was born from the idea that my daily relationship with the Rosary could affect other people whom I’ve never met by designing and crafting unique Rosaries that could someday be in the hands of people I’ve never met and that their prayers could be helped by the Rosaries that I made for them.


“Creating beautiful heirlooms for people I’ve never met and getting them closer to God by creating them, is what I want to remember years from now.”

How I work

Each Rosary created here is unique and has been inspired by some person, experience, desire, or dream. From the type of stone, shell, wood, or glass used in the beads, to the centerpiece and crucifix that bring each Rosary together to tell a story and become the anchor for our prayers, each piece is hand-picked. 


My Specialties

Unique Offerings

Each of the Rosaries created here are one-of-a-kind! You may notice that for each Rosary we offer, there is not an inventory – just a few. Some will be offered just one time and others, we’ll keep making because customers like you find them to be just what they are looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask about customizations to anything you see. Because each piece is made to order, most of the time, your requests can be fulfilled just be asking.

Heirloom Rosaries

I hope that your Rosary will become an heirlooom for your family and new generations. In fact, we will be creating a special “Heirloom Rosary” project in the future that will allow you to help design your own family Rosary! This one was made by transforming the colors of my family’s coat of arms into similar colors of agate, then adding the fleur de lis, which is in the coat of arms as a centerpiece and crucifix. The medal was a finishing touch, celebrating St. Andrew, who was an apostle, martyr, and the source of our family name.

Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

-Debbie, Pennsylvania

“I just received my rosary as a Birthday Gift, and I must say, they are the prettiest Rosaries that I have ever received. Beautifully Hand Crafted Rosaries with Pink Rose Quartz for “Our Father” Beads and White Mother of Pearl Beads for the “Hail Mary” Decades, with a delicate Miraculous Metal surrounded with small flowers and finished with a white enamel Crucifix. Just Beautiful!”


-Frank, Pennsylvania

“The Rosary has the most unique beautiful gold and blue agate beads, with a silver centerpiece and crucifix both containing the fleur de lis, the Virgin Mary. Never could I have imagined such a magnificent custom-made order that could correspond to my family’s cost of arms. Excellent workmanship that I will treasure forever.”


-Mark, Pennsylvania

“These are the most beautiful turquoise rosaries I have ever seen. Super high luster and high quality. The craftsmanship is superior and outstanding…completely hand-made. The Crucifix and St Michael medal are highly detailed and came with a beautifully decorated accompanying pouch – an added bonus. Simply stunning. Seller is delightful. Don’t hesitate to order.

-Michael, California

“The quality was evident before I even opened the box. Inside, the rosary was in a zippered pouch imprinted with a print of the Virgin Mary. Just holding the pouch bolstered my impression of quality. A personal card was included describing the rosary, source of beads, the meaning of the medal, and history of the cross. Then I opened the pouch and was gleefully shocked at the pure beauty of the Rosary. Hand-carved beads connected by ornate cylindrical silver links with a metal crucifix and small silver medal. Needless to say, this rosary definitely exceeded my expectations and the value far exceeds the cost. “

-Gloria, Pennsylvania

“I recently received a gorgeous hand-crafted rosary and the attention to detail is just amazing! The medal of St. Andrew makes it special because his name is in the DeAndrea name and my grandson’s name is Andrew. I love the rosary and the lovely case you sent it in. It will surely be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come!”

Have an idea for your own one-of-a-kind Rosary. Click here to let me know about it!

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