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Hi, I’m Donna, founder of DeAndrea Rosaries, handmade Rosaries designed and uniquely crafted to become timeless and treasured heirloom Rosaries for your families, loved ones, or yourself.

Please take your time browsing but remember, the Rosaries displayed here in my shop may change frequently because many are created only once and some are recreated but with slight differences. Regardless, none will ever be exactly the same!

Make it yours!

Although we are very proud of the Rosaries that are being made available here, if you happen to see something that you love, yet there is something… a bead, a centerpiece, crucifix, or perhaps a medal, that you would like to change or add, please send me a note and we’ll see if we can make it happen – It’s all about creating something that is truly yours. I hope that you’ll find it here in this collection – or that we can work together to create something new!

Please enjoy your visit!


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All of the rosaries that you see here are custom made, handcrafted, and often one-of-a-kind or at most, few-of-a-kind Rosaries. Each one is made to order.

Hanging Rosaries

“Creating beautiful handmade Rosaries is almost as fulfilling as praying the Rosary itself.”

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Chaplets & More

We’re just getting started, but in the future, we hope to offer handcrafted and custom Chaplets, Tenners, and perhaps even some Rosary bracelets that many people have found to help keep them focused on their prayers.

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Our Specialties

DeAndrea Heirloom Rosary Design

A Prayerful Family Heirloom

We will customize and personalize your Rosary to last a lifetime of prayer. 

This special Rosary was hand made in honor of the DeAndrea family coat of arms with blue lapis lazuli or blue agate for the decades, and golden yellow agate for the Our Father beads. The sterling silver centerpiece and crucifix both contain the fleur de Lis, which represents the Virgin Mary, and is also in the DeAndrea coat of arms. As a special devotion, attached to the centerpiece is a sterling silver medal of St. Andrew because the X-shape on the coat of arms represents St. Andrew, who was martyred on a cross in the shape of an X.

Your family history too, can be transformed into a treasured heirloom that can hold memories and years of prayers to come.

Red and White Rosary
River of God Rosary Design Board

Hand Picked, Hand Crafted

Every project we complete is done with love by our own hands.

Each bead on a Rosary represents a prayer to be said and I don’t take that lightly, so each bead that becomes a Hail Mary or an Our Father must be perfect for that devotional purpose. It has to feel right, look right, and have meaning that will encourage us and create joy when using it in prayer. The same is true of the centerpiece and crucifix.

The way I think about it, when the design is just right, if the entire Rosary fell apart, it would be obvious how each part fit back together. And isn’t that the way we might think of our lives. Regardless of how many things break, there is always a spiritual image that allows us to see just how we were meant to be.

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Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

“Absolutely magnificent St. Francis rosary! The story behind the Franciscan design of this rosary, along with the graceful elegance and Old World appeal in honor of St. Francis with hues symbolizing nature in God’s Creation, is what attracted me to this special devotional as a gift for my son who has a deep devotion to St. Francis and a special appreciation for God’s peace found in nature. Every detail of the rosary is of great quality and made with exceptional craftsmanship. The rosary pouch included with the order is so beautiful, as well. Donna made it so special with a handwritten note, and she offered excellent communication in the handling of the entire ordering process and with timely delivery. The love and care put into it all was beyond expectations.”

My Rosary: St. Francis Rosary

Hope G Pittsburgh, PA
Hope G

“This custom made rosary was based on her St. Michael design. The owner was willing to custom make me a blue tigers eye and hematite version. I have been searching Etsy and other catholic shops to custom make one, and this shop was the one that I trusted with the project. I was really impressed with the customer service and attention to detail this project had. When I have other saints that I work with, I’ll definitely come back to this shop for future rosaries.”

My Rosary: Customized Sword of St. Michael Rosary

Christopher N Ocean Shores, WA
Christopher N

“Donna was so lovely and helped my vision come to life! The experience was beautiful and prayerful creating it and I couldn’t be happier! ❤️”

My Rosary: Custom St. Therese Chaplet

Kate S Muskego, WI
Kate S

“I received the most beautiful piece I have ever owned, one of a kind and so important in my life. Our priest just blessed my beautiful rosary today. Thank you so much and god bless you.”

My Rosary: Sword of St. Michael Rosary

Juan W Houston, TX
Juan W

“A truly exquisite rosary, finely crafted yet understated, for all the world as if designed and built expressly to meet my needs and wishes, at a generous price, packaged, presented and shipped with kindness and reverence. I highly recommend this shop. Thank you, Donna.”

My Rosary: River of God Rosary

Michael C Sacramento, CA
Michael C

I really love it! And thanks for the little story about St Nicholas the wonderworker.

My Rosary: St. Nicholas Christmas Rosary

Edgard M Coral Springs, FL
Edgard M

“This rosary is beautiful, and so unique. Very happy with the purchase.”

My Rosary: Sunflower Rosary

Sandra M Rockaway, NJ
Sandra M

“Thank you so much for making this very beautiful special rosary of St Mary, so peaceful, I’m so happy to have it. And the note and beautiful bag was great bonus.”

My Rosary: Blessed Virgin Rosary

Zuzana M Midland, TX
Zuzana M

“Very happy with the quality….beautiful rosary.”

My Rosary: River of God Rosary

Karen S Phoenix, AR
Karen S

“This was a wonderful purchase. Great contact with seller. The rosary is lovely. The personal note was very sweet to my 89 year old mother.”

My Rosary: Song of Bernadette Rosary

Darlene H Berkeley Springs, WV
Darlene H

“Beautifully crafted and well worth the money spent.”

My Rosary: Pearl and Rose Youth Rosary

Amy D Charleston, SC
Amy D

“Absolutely beautiful piece, was very pleased when I received it!”

My Rosary: St. Patrick and St. Brigid Celtic Rosary

Ty M Fair Haven, NJ
Ty M

“This was a gift to my grand daughter She was very happy with it – THANKS”

My Rosary: Crown of Roses Rosary

Marilynn W Converse, TX
Marilynn W

“This was a last minute custom order, as my priest is leaving at the end of the month. Not only did the shop meet my expectations, things fell in place to where I got the rosary earlier than predicted. I am so happy with this, it feels perfect. I know people joke about divine timing but that’s the phrase that comes to mind when referring to the journey of getting this. Just as the store owner felt like it was a privilege to make this for me, I also feel privileged that I was able to get it from her. I had a St. Brigid’s cross added in place of a crucifix, and it all fits together so perfectly. The contrast of the silver with the Canadian jade makes everything stand out in such a loving way that its hard not to look. Showed the rosary to one of my friend, and she fell in love with it too! Thank you so much Donna! 🫂🫂”

My Rosary: Customized St. Patrick & St. Brigid Celtic Rosary

Alex K St. Louis, MO
Alex K

“My mom’s favorite flower is a sunflower and she wanted a rosary. I compared several different lovely items on here and decided on this one. My mom cried and said “this is the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.” It arrived very quick, and the bag it came in had the Virgin Mary on one side and Jesus on the other. The bag alone she fell in love with until she looked inside. A card came with it explaining the meaning of the sunflower and the prayer for each bead. The quality is exquisite. Communication with the seller has been so kind and compassionate. I’m beyond grateful to her for her words and her workmanship. Highly recommend this shop to anyone wanting a rosary. You won’t be disappointed.”

My Rosary: Sunflower Rosary

Nancy A St. Peters, MO
Nancy A

“I recently received a gorgeous hand-crafted rosary and the attention to detail is just amazing! The medal of St. Andrew makes it special because his name is in the DeAndrea name and my grandson’s name is Andrew. I love the rosary and the lovely case you sent it in. It will surely be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come!”

My Rosary: Custom Family Crest Rosary

Gloria S Pittsburgh, PA
Gloria S

“The quality was evident before I even opened the box. Inside, the rosary was in a zippered pouch imprinted with a print of the Virgin Mary. Just holding the pouch bolstered my impression of quality. A personal card was included describing the rosary, source of beads, the meaning of the medal, and history of the cross. Then I opened the pouch and was gleefully shocked at the pure beauty of the Rosary. Hand-carved beads connected by ornate cylindrical silver links with a metal crucifix and small silver medal. Needless to say, this rosary definitely exceeded my expectations and the value far exceeds the cost.”

My Rosary: Custom Family Crest Rosary

Mike D La Quinta, CA
Mike D

“These are the most beautiful turquoise rosaries I have ever seen. Super high luster and high quality. The craftsmanship is superior and outstanding…completely hand-made. The Crucifix and St Michael medal are highly detailed and came with a beautifully decorated accompanying pouch – an added bonus. Simply stunning. Seller is delightful. Don’t hesitate to order.”

My Rosary: Custom Family Crest Rosary

Mark D Pittsburgh, PA
Mark D

“The Rosary has the most unique beautiful gold and blue agate beads, with a silver centerpiece and crucifix both containing the fleur de lis, the Virgin Mary. Never could I have imagined such a magnificent custom-made order that could correspond to my family’s cost of arms. Excellent workmanship that I will treasure forever.”

My Rosary: Custom Family Crest Rosary

Frank D Pittsburgh, PA
Frank D

“I just received my rosary as a Birthday Gift, and I must say, they are the prettiest Rosaries that I have ever received. Beautifully Hand Crafted Rosaries with Pink Rose Quartz for “Our Father” Beads and White Mother of Pearl Beads for the “Hail Mary” Decades, with a delicate Miraculous Metal surrounded with small flowers and finished with a white enamel Crucifix. Just Beautiful!”

My Rosary: Parable of the Pearl Rosary

Debbie D Pittsburgh, PA
Debbie D

“This is a beautiful Rosary, very well made, and crafted with love. The package has a thank you card with a handwritten note. You can tell this was created with care. It even came with a pouch, which I did not expect, and that is beautiful too. Highly recommend!”

My Rosary: Blessed Virgin Rosary

Heather M Pocomoke, MD
Heather M

“The item is well made and beautiful. Delivery went very smooth.”

My Rosary: Black Onyx Rosary

John M Bensalem, PA
John M

“It is so georgeous. Perefect for St Nicholas”

My Rosary: Saint Nicholas Christmas Rosary

Bridget B Bethpage, NY
Bridget B

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